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Fitbodies believes in nurturing not only the outer skin, but also what lies beneath. Good nutrition is the foundation of your health and wellbeing. If you lack good nutrition, then it is virtually guaranteed you will face health issues in your lifetime. Now more than ever before we are seeing and hearing the significance of what we eat.

We are what we eat & absorb.

Often diets and nutrition plans are strenuous, boring and require too much discipline to follow. Your individual needs are simply not considered. Nutrition with Fitbodies is all about learning. Learning to let go of fear and fads, learning to listen to your body, understand your body, and also trust it & yourself to feed it what it truly needs.

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About Rachel

Founder of Fitbodies Coaching, wife to Ben and momma to Sugar (the dog), this 30 year old girl embraces her own personal health and fitness philosophy 100%. Every day, she practises what she preaches, proving to everyone around her she is the real deal. 

An avid health and wellness coach, Rachel regularly challenges herself by trying out new sports and nutrition concepts. She has made the recent switch to become a Vegan, which has not only hugely improved her quality of life, but also exploded her knowledge further into nutrition and inner health. 

Rachel has always practised the belief ‘Be who you want to be.’ So, rather not label herself as a full fledged vegan, she prefers to eat how she feels, listening to her gut and responding accordingly. Perfection is a wasted effort and a sure fire way to reach daily disappointment in ourselves. Blessed with the extensive knowledge of nutrition, it makes it easy for her to maintain a high level of health as well as reach her fitness and body goals! She loves sharing her knowledge with those in the Fitbodies family too! 

It is her life long dream to create healthy, happy people all around her. To help them become lighter, happier, healthier, more soulful beings.