Happiness is homemade

I'll never forget the first time I introduced my dad to my now husband Ben. He asked him "So Ben, what does success mean to you?"

I remember thinking, Omg Dad really? Why do you have to be a dick?!
This was until I heard my then boyfriends response and then my thought changed to, I'm going to marry this man. 

Ben's response was this "Success to me is not about money or career, it's about the happiness of myself and everyone around me. If you're truly happy, your mind never wonders how successful you are."

Gush. Can you see why I fell in love? My man, just the sweetest most humble guy I know. I'm sure many wives say that about their husbands but I'm being serious! He has single-handedly changed the way I view the world and made it a much brighter place. I used to worry about how successful I was or was going to be. Like I was forever proving myself to the world; that if I didn't 'make it' as an adult I would just die never being someone who truly mattered. Silly. 

So what changed? I guess I grew up and realized that being someone who meant EVERYTHING to just one person, was the only success I ever needed. That feeling on meaning the world to one human.... there is nothing better. And that is doubled by my mother-daughter love for my puppy dog. And will be tripled when I have babies of my own. 

It's been a journey for me to learn to not guilt myself as to why I'm not a billionaire yet, but anytime I slip back into that old thought pattern I quickly remind myself of the crazy amounts of love and happiness I have in my life every day, and then I no longer give a shit what my bank balance says. 

Happy Friday lovers 


Rachel Maynard