I'm gonna be me

If you're an old visitor to my webpage you will have noticed an update now. After making some much-needed changes to my business, deciding to simplify and shift the focus back, the web page, in turn, got a facelift! Do I love it, and the best part? I can manage it myself! The lovely man who has been helping me to rebrand made it so I could do it myself and not pay a graphic designer every time I wanted an email changed woohoo. 

Along with all the other changes, I've gone through this year (which are basically every major change one may go through - but I'll save those for other posts) I've also come to the conclusion to stop being who I think I 'should' be and just be me. 
Something we all would struggle with from time to time, and I am no different. Being a personal trainer you get shoved into a box. Cliched like hell. Either by your peers, society or yourself! You google Fitness and 20 bucks says a whole bunch of insanely muscly people pop up on your screen. Is that fitness? Is that what we HAVE to be to be deemed fit? Or successful in fitness? I thought so. But I've changed my mind.

I sent a message to my best friend when all these business changes were brewing in my mind and I said this "I want to be me. I don't want to train every day and pretend I had abs all year round cause I don't. I like chocolate and wine but I also love salads and lifting weights occasionally. Why can't I just be me?" 

I can be me. And I'm gonna. I'm tired of not posting things on Instagram because it doesn't look like a typical fitness page. I have started posting my life in pictures and I've loved it. I'm not pretending to wanna go on hikes every day, that's not my jam. My jam is my husband and puppy and loving them unconditionally. And that's OK.

Along with this being me change I've decided to blog like I want to blog. Not just about fitness but about life. Let's call it my journal online. The feeling of freedom when you write how you really feel and send it off into cyberspace? Amazing! I miss that. 

No more overthinking, judging of my lifestyle and where it fits in. Just being me.

Would you like to join?