The First Trimester - 8 weeks in.

My first 8 weeks of my pregnancy have been a GIANT rollercoaster. An entire change of my body, it’s now been officially taken over and is purely functioning to create a new life. And a new organ! No wonder I am so fricken tired all the time! It’s a balance between being so absolutely happy and excited that I am finally pregnant and finally get to become a mom. And feeling so crap that it is hard to be too excited about. From what I have read that is all totally normal for this time in the pregnancy.

To help any fellow newcomers out there these are my hardest parts thus far:

1. Not being able to tell everyone so they can understand and empathize with you as to how you’re feeling.

2. Continuing on that point, feeling isolated with whom you can be real about your current life situation with.

3. Finding new ways to comfort yourself, to eat, to dress, to sleep (sleeping is so hard). At first, I was wide awake feeling anxious, now I am either not tired cause I’ve napped or just uncomfortable. It’s no longer comfortable to lie on my tummy, which is fine as it’s not that great for you anyway, but it was my comfort.

4. Changing from my already changed diet. Gosh, it was hard enough to stick to veganism and now I’ve gone completely backward because the thought of eating tofu makes me want to gag. All you want is carbs and very basic flavours. Just like when you feel sick from anything else, you cannot deal with crazy foods. Add on top of that - everyday is different! One day you want soup, two days later you hate soup! And so on, and so on.  

5. I’m just so tired of being tired and feeling nauseous, but thinking that thought makes me feel ungrateful … which is hard when it’s obviously the biggest blessing ever. I know the thought of being able to let yourself do nothing constantly sounds nice, but trust me it can get boring and repetitive quite quick.

Some other things I have noticed so far:

·      Strange taste in your mouth

·      Constant want for water

·      Constant feeling sick

·      If you’re hungry, it’s the worst

·      Sensitive teeth

·      Sometimes cramps

·      Cravings constantly change

·      Sleeping sucks

·      Boobs are always sore

·      Mood swings – uh. Happy angry sad, all of it. I feel all of it.


Well, they say that after the first trimester things get better, you get a spurt of energy and you’ll feel less sick. Here’s hoping ‘they’ are right!!!

Stay tuned for my next update to see.

Until then, I’m going for a nap.

Rachel Maynard